Anomalism 2-02.05
2005-02-02 18:24:26 ET

First day back from Arizona= cut a hole in kitchen floor and fix water pipe so we can have water+ find way to keep from freezing again+ cut cold air returns in upstairs floors to help move heat from woodstove around, and while we are at it fel another tree to feed the wood stove. Tomorrow= heavy splitting of said tree.
Also glue the nearly fossilized pig skull we brought back back together.

2005-02-02 18:44:11 ET

How bad was the damage?

2005-02-02 19:40:32 ET

The water pipe was an easy fix, access was the difficulty. Did all under the sink and left no evidense of the repair afterward, no problem just inconvieniance. The skull on the other hand is in 10-14 pieces and will require some carefull reassembly and may have to be done in phazes. It is a nice addition to the dead animal parts collection though. Grampa gave us a couple of alligater heads for the collection too.

2005-02-02 20:01:20 ET

a tip we picked up from living in the cold as hell northeast, if you use lots and lots of household fans to circulate the hot air, it works great

2005-02-02 20:07:35 ET

As it happens I have 40 or so antique desk fans (I am a collector) so that will be an easy thing. I think we have 3 running now.

2005-02-02 20:12:18 ET

nice. we've got a thermal powered one (its kind of neat) that sits on our stove, and several down the hallway and a few more upstairs. They do the job nicely

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