Anomalism 2-07.5
2005-02-07 13:19:06 ET

The hakim test went well and the weapon functions perfectly, what a beast of a gun. It's os bloody cold that it is miserable at the out door ranges where I can shoot 100 yds and better, my backyard range is only 25 yds. I guess thats not a bad problem to have as problems go.
Spent the day today running Mrs Anomalous around to local vetneries droping off resumes, she nolonger wants to be a retail pharmacy tech, (hates people). Tomorrow I need to get the rest of the firewood onto the porch, yey for lifting and stacking. I'm going to try to get the Ip web hosting thing going tonight so I can get the promised pics up, wish me luck.

2005-02-07 13:56:24 ET

It is always a pleasing feeling to put effort into something and then watch it succeed.
This week I shall succeed in purchasing a Mk23.

2005-02-07 14:20:21 ET

Severity and I have both muzed at the posibility of finding a black polymer stock with pistole grip and skeletal shoulder rest and stripping it back to the barest essentials. It would have the look of a very dangerous bit of plumbing at that point.

2005-02-07 14:20:46 ET

Oh yes and "Kaplah"

2005-02-07 22:05:42 ET

I almost took a job as a pharm tech..I don't mind customer service work at all...I can handle them.
Anyway, I love my current job.

2005-02-08 09:27:44 ET

The problems are multifold and by agregate making it untenable, example=. First most people would rather not be needing meds and so don't want to be there at all, add to that the current marketing ideas that emphasize convienience which have led to drive up windows and thus McDonalds like expectations. My view is that it is a patently bad idea to mix McDonalds and Meds in peoples minds. It tends to give rise to the idea that little participation is expected from the patient apart from driving up and putting their hand out. and when you add complex insurance issues and laziness and poor hearing etc that break into that mind set then they get angry and take it out on the tech. add to that tieing tech hours to profit margins whithout regard to volume and you have a caustic environment and high turnover among techs. But because one company has done it they all feel the need to for fear of losing market share.

2005-02-08 14:18:24 ET

Great pictures! I showed my little boy cat the picture of Baldric and told him that is the goal he should be working toward.

2005-02-08 14:40:31 ET

great pictures indeed. the moustache is giving me something to work towards hehe

2005-02-09 08:32:41 ET

Once i get IP web host facter going I will upload an ass load of pics

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