Anomalism 2-12.05
2005-02-12 05:33:14 ET

My head cold seems to be getting better, I,m feeling like working on some componant of the house today. I think the utility room deserves some attention. I'll try to finnish the floor tile work and maybe start on the door to the bathroom there.
Gun show tomorrow, yay! I hope the ammo guy has the amo I need this time, other wise I'll have to tell him he is a failure as a human being again. Also I hope the Ned Flanders looking guy who sells sniper rifles has Severity's Dragonov ready.

2005-02-12 14:19:33 ET

The tile work is now done and the trap door to the crawl space where we shove the bodies is now fully hidden, yay!

2005-02-13 12:05:25 ET

Yay! After all, what's a home without body storage?
Me like the Dragonov.

2005-02-14 07:06:55 ET

is it pretty much stock?

2005-02-15 03:43:20 ET

It is being custom built, hand fitted with some enhanced features. It will appear to be stock.

2005-02-15 04:30:37 ET

might I ask whats being enhanced?

2005-02-15 05:10:38 ET

The trigger group is much better than standard and the barrel also. In fact the barrel is the cause of the delay being on back order. This guy has run of the mill units handy for sale and even had one at his table for around $600.

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