Anomalism 2-16.05
2005-02-16 09:11:03 ET

Yesterday was a beautiful day so Severity and I went to the range to grab a few hours of shoosting. I bought a load of ammo at the gun show sunday and wanted to try it out. We made it a mauser fest with 3 mausers and a Hakim. This particular range is the gun club where Severity works and we wanted to check it out since they have a 200yd section. Let me tell you this place is a hoot and a half and here's why. You bring your own targets and they don't care what your targets are, we saw little army men and GI Joe parts, appliance parts a cardboard snow man, engine parts,computer carcases, and bowling pins. The rules seem to be, don't get hurt, don't miss the back stop, and no rapid fire, thats all. We had a great time blasting away at leftover targets and fired off hundreds of rounds of high velocity goodness.
Sadly the Dragonov is not done yet (which is why we were shooting German instead of Russian). We did pic up one new toy= the new Ruger P345,which is a very nice little internal combustion projectile throwing implement.

2005-02-16 09:13:38 ET

If I ever have a daughter I want her middle name to be Severity. Hopefully it would cause school administrators and whatnot to think twice about crossing her parents.

2005-02-16 09:22:56 ET

now that sounds fun. our shooting range here is like that...mainly just cause its in the middle of effing nowhere. its not too long range though. I think maybe 1000yds tops

2005-02-16 09:32:38 ET

I am all for unusual names and while I don't use real names online be assured that our real names are equaly distinctive to the point where we've come to enjoy the difficulty people have at first exposure.

2005-02-16 10:39:49 ET

oops...thats 100 yards, not 1000

2005-02-16 10:49:49 ET

I was thinking a few days back, as I walked home from work, about what would be involved in getting a gun just to blow off a few bullets at some paper target.

At the moment it seemed like a most excellent way to eleviate stress.

2005-02-16 11:16:51 ET

Marks=It does do that very well Yes and opens the door on a great deal of history as well. You should go to a local gun shop and ask.

2005-02-16 13:07:37 ET

LOL The last time I went to the range someone had left dozens of the Happy Meal sized furbies. They 'sploded real good.

2005-02-16 17:17:40 ET

Hahaha! Sploding things is allways a good time. I found a case of diet coke on the side of the road once. I don,t like diet anything so my sons and a friend of thiers took them to his farm to shoost. They turn into clouds of soda vapor and aluminum foil under the loving caress of 12 gauge deer slugs.

2005-02-19 03:20:01 ET

Shooting is fun and cathartic.

Alright, where is this range. If it's anywhere near me, I am so there.

2005-02-19 06:53:50 ET

North East OH, but I'm sure there are others about the country where fun is more important than tradition.

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