Anomalism 2-20.05 Mk III
2005-02-20 13:31:17 ET

I spent the bulk of the day working feebly away at the uploading pics to my web page thing, and of course I first had to make my page. If you are a web geek this is no big deal but alas I cut grass for a living and hence my inexperience. I did at last get through it and the first set of pics are of the house not long into the renovations. The next set will be of the current lived in though not near done stage.

2005-02-20 14:25:42 ET

The house has really come a long way.

2005-02-20 16:13:07 ET

Perhaps the next time you are home I can persuade you to build me a proper web page.

2005-02-20 16:16:26 ET

Possibly, but it has been a few years since I've done any HTML.
I can probably give you a good basic layout, but nothing too advanced.

2005-02-20 16:25:32 ET

We did the Todd thing a bit ago, the two blonds had to check out every last sketch. I thought the detail in some of the monochromes was incredible.

2005-02-20 16:35:04 ET

He really is an incredible artist and a respectable individual as well. I have been thinking about purchasing his "transitions" art book once I have sufficient funds.

quote from Lockwood's news page.

"No multiple votes, please. Don't try to stack the tables - I'm trying to decide which image will perform best for me. This is my livelihood - don't mess with it in an attempt to get the print you want. I'll find out and I'll be very, very annoyed with you."

2005-02-21 18:10:08 ET

hey man, nice gallery. I do the same kind of work, but in the city.
Manhatten is nice, but it get too repetative. my company has side jobs, ones that are far off upstate or in the hamptons. i would love to do houses like that. Im honestly tired of yuppie-artsy Soho apartments

2005-02-22 05:41:33 ET

I wonder what I'd be like if I did this for a living insted of as a nessesary hobby?

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