Anomalism 3-12.5 Power tools are indeed wonderful.
2005-03-12 07:24:37 ET

I am sitting here eating leftover perogies, with "Mouse" the cat in my lap. She was just inside the floor a moment ago, the floor vents for the passive cold air returns don't all have covers, much to the delight of the ever curious cats. I normaly start back to work about mid March after the last snow melts. Usualy get snow first week and then starts to warm. We've had 7" this week so far, 2" over night and still snowing now.
In other news, I did finaly get a door up on the downstairs bathroom. Best fit yet of my door jobs. I have been accumulating power tools for over a decade, (not agressively though) and have a drill press, a table saw, a chop/miter saw, 3 hand drills, a circular saw, a disc grinder, a router, and a saber saw. I cannot begin to tell you how vital they all have been (but I will anyway). This house is 130 years old and has things like doorways that are 2" shorter and 1" narrower than the availible doors and stuff like that I have been doing all of the finnishing my self. I'm not a carpenter or a builder but a landscaper. I am clever though and a natural problem solver. Don't worry there is no sod in the living room and at least no intensional water features. The experience of "making" the inside of my house myself has been and continues to be a very satisfying adventure. I would encurage all of you who read this to learn something new every day and make yourselves as capable in every way as you possibly can. It's impossible to regrette it if you do. We all have limitations, things we cannot do, but most of us live our lives from one end to the other without ever getting close to them. I would chalenge any of you in that your limitations are so far beyond where you think they are that you can spend a lifetime searching for them all. One of my early prayers as a Christian was to be always curious (I didn't know it at the time but King Solomon did something similar), 25 years later and I am still curious (you could take that in diferent ways I spose). The moral of this I guess is that God has given you more than you think, and just because you don't know how to do a thing today does not mean you cannot know how to do it tomorrow.

2005-03-12 07:45:04 ET

For me a lot of the DIY stuff comes from a desire to be self-sufficient. Aside from just saving money by doing something yourself, I don't think knowledge is ever wasted. I always find uses for what I've learned in the oddest places.

2005-03-12 07:55:45 ET

You are so right! I could not begin to calculate the money I've saved by not having to call in "professionals" to do crap for me, not to mention the things repaired that did not have to be replaced.

2005-03-12 10:09:32 ET

I think its almost theraputic when you do things yourself and are making it better in the process. It's like a nice facelift without the cost of the surgery. :-)

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