Anomalism 3-16.5 another litter box.
2005-03-16 05:19:08 ET

It seems that we are now back up to 6 cats again. My Lady Anomalous came home from work at the vets the night before last with a box with the label "pet carrier" on the side. Inside was a very sweet little calico cat that was having difficulty finding a home. My first thought was "are we going to make a habit out of this?" My secound thought was "I hope they (the other cats) don't have a pee party over teratories because I can get us to zero cats with out emptying my firt magazine. Fourtunatly for all it has been 2 days and no such thing has occurred. The two males(E Z and Jabba the cat) are like "BFD another cat ", Lilliputian and Mouse Jart, are a little pissed and Spice is too old to care (17)so it looks like it will work out. Anyway the new little furry creature will be called Calipidder, as the name Cali (calico) that they were calling her is entirly too mundain.(we must maintain our anti sensibilities here).

2005-03-16 06:16:15 ET

I had to kick 2 of my cats out of the house because of peeing issues. I'm down to just 2 indoor kitties. We had a fairly chilly winter so I got the outdoor kitties and electric blanket and now I don't feel so guilty.

2005-03-16 06:25:14 ET

We had a 7 degree day this week so the old girl Spice has been inside, but her access to the rest of the house in limmited. The realy exasperating thing is figuring out who done it when it does happen. Six possibilities and you almost never see them do it.

2005-03-16 06:27:57 ET

I talked to me dad the other day and he said that Safford has already had 80 degree days, and hear we just had 7" of snow this week. Aint that the berries.

2005-03-16 07:01:17 ET

A couple of my cats didn't get along so we have two outside and two inside. Seems to fix the problem as when the outside ones come in for food now they can avoid the others.

Oh and my friend lives in benson,az and i have to hear oh its 77 here today! all the time.... Feh it's snowing in west virginia, thanks.

2005-03-16 08:26:07 ET

i wish I had 6 kitties!!!!

2005-03-16 09:02:53 ET

this is insane. How do you walk without tripping all over them? I have two dogs in the house and i trip and stumble over em all the freaking time.
U need to talk to Unlabeled, she has a grand total of 8 cats inside her house right now, 4 adults and one of them just had kittens, so in about 4 or 5 weeks she will have cats from wall to wall running around.

2005-03-16 11:51:36 ET

Cats have better(though not perfect) foot avoidance skills, not to mention spacial acuity.

2005-03-16 17:06:58 ET

It's been pretty nice. I did a short hike today, the desert is beautiful right now, because of all the rain the spring flowers are gorgeous.

2005-03-16 17:24:21 ET

I bet they are. Been a couple years since its been this green.

2005-03-16 18:34:50 ET

heheheh my dogs are terrible, ill go to leave for work after letting em out 4 times and they will jump right in front of me to go to the door before me, thus equals me stumbling, almost falling, then waving my arms trying to catch myself from falling on my face.

2005-03-17 04:06:03 ET

i want a toy poodle or one of the way rad black and white puppies and everyone says they're ugly.....but my boy won't let me have one because i'd carry it in a purse

2005-03-17 05:23:55 ET

poodles are cute, i have one, hes adorable but hes evil. hes still in the process of being house broken so hes a pain right now. he does fine with peein' on the pad, but he just can not poop on those lil training pads to save his life. i had to change my socks this morning bc i stepped in a fresh pile before i left for work.

2005-03-17 08:43:31 ET

that makes me happy

2005-03-17 09:23:33 ET

what does? me stepping in a poodles ish? its not cool, trust me, he usually lays em right next to my bed so when i get up and roll outta bed that each foot lands in a pile of it...hehe

2005-03-18 04:28:40 ET


2005-03-18 05:24:33 ET

hes cute...but evil.....its an even trade off. damn cute...for damn evil...

2005-03-18 08:24:01 ET

it works

2005-03-18 09:29:24 ET

you think that till you slip in a pile of freshly laid poody poo!

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