Anomalism 5-30.5 In my hand at last.
2005-05-30 05:46:21 ET

I made a deal with mrs Anomalous regarding Saturday work, in that what ever I earn on weekends is mine for my toys. this has in the past been side work but in the case of this weekend it was in the form of a T&M job for the company that no other day was available for. The result was that I earned just enough to buy the 357 mag that my local gun shop was holding for me. Now I have another caliber to buy(Oh joy!). They imediatly offered to put this nice 9mm Tokarov ($150) in layaway for me. Since I oddly don't have a 9mm handgun, and as it happens have been contemplating which 9mm I would most like to have, it worked out well and I said "Deal!"
In related news, a friend of our the wife of the paster of a church we used to attend (too far away now) came out to visit and hike our cliffs and spend the day and stuff. One of the cool things about having an awsome property is beeing able to share it with friends and we are hoping to be able ot do it more often. Our friend asked if she could shoot one of the guns because she had never fired one before. "Of course" we said and got out 4 to pick from and ended up talking her into shooting all of them. For me it is a huge source of enjoyment to whatch some one experience the adventure and excitement of something new to them, (not just shooting). We wrote down for her what she had fired so she could make her husband jealous when she got home. I'm lookig forward to seeing them both again soon.

2005-05-30 05:55:32 ET

I've heard the 'Tokarov 9mm' is quite a great handgun, don't know to much on Russian weaponry though : P

2005-05-30 06:25:56 ET

The Tokarov is one of my farorite designs, it is based on a John Browning design and has all the same parts (except for the multiple safetys) as the Colt 1911. All of the 9mm versions are built outside of Russia, either in china or I think Egypt and a few other places. Russian guns tend to be very reliable, durable, and simple to operate and affordable to buy, but rarely what would be considered ellegent.

2005-05-30 06:54:51 ET

True, didn't know about where they were manufactured though : P

But yes, famous designs like the AK and the RPG are pretty reliable and destructive.

2005-05-31 20:28:08 ET

i like that you have pleasant things to say.

2005-06-02 00:50:12 ET

chamber=Thank you, the Lord has given me a positive lense through which to see the world.

2005-06-02 11:54:51 ET

not only do more people need that lense, but i need to use mine more often.

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