Anomalism 6-13.5 A Dragonfly story.
2005-06-13 17:31:58 ET

I am sitting here enjoying an Art Deco breeze from 1939 mine is black and chrome instead of polished aluminum. Infact all of the fans currently running in the house are Robins & Meyers from the 30s.
Anyway my new dragonfly story (I have 3 alltogether ) happened Saturday when I was mowing the yard. I was being harried by deerflys badly, the little buggers bite, and it is impossible to swat them and mow at the same time. The reason being that the mower I have is hydraulicaly steered, each hand controls a drive wheel. It is a walk behind so if I let go one hand it spins around and runs over me (this very mower cut two fingers off another guys hand once). I did manage to kill a few with out losing any body parts but one was proving resistant. It kept circling my head (I think it wanted a bit of ear) when suddenly something large and black zoomed past from my right and as if by magic the fly was gone. The dragonfly was apparently doing fighter escort for me and snatched and ate the little bugger right out of the air. I was much appreciative both that he did it and also that I was there to see it happen. My other two dragonfly stories are cool too.

2005-06-17 18:07:22 ET

I caught one not long ago whilst I was sailing abroad in the Atlantic. The little bugger seemed to have followed us out there and was then unable to egress the small iron island we travel in.
It was flitting about, landing various people whilst we ate the evening meal outside at a "steel beach picnic". There were those that were afraid of it, and those, like most, that wanted to crush it for no other reason than because it was an insect. But I managed to keep it safe, and as far as I know it is doing well.

There seem to be an abundance of Dragonflies in this are this time of year. They are one of my most favorite insects and I look forward to seeing more.

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