Anomalism 6-13.5-2 Gun show posers.
2005-06-13 18:06:39 ET

Severity and I went to a gun show yesterday. We got ammo which was good but it was a little dissapointing as we did not get the Romainian sniper rifle frow the Ned Flanders looking fellow (back ordered parts). We did however see the poser goober again. Havn't seen him in a while, he used to wear grey camos with no sleeves, a mohawk, and his expensive Swedish assault rifle strapped to his back, his expensive German hand gun and some top of the line combat knife strapped to his waist and walks around "being seen". Well yesterday he unveiled his new "Armed Goth look", all done up in black with the studded bracelets and rings and yellow lensed black goggles. He still has the mowhawk and all the same guns, oh and he apparently has a girlfriend who he got into the act as well. She was likwise all in black with some magenta stripes in her hair and an AR rifle strapped to her. The whole thing seemed pethetic and comical at the same time, even the venders were snickering.

2005-06-20 09:53:52 ET

lol! Livin la vida graphic novel?

2005-07-31 12:53:49 ET

See, if I were to go to a gun show, I'd ditch the clubwear. I'd probably walk in there unarmed in sneakers, blue jeans and a T-shirt. The whole time I'd be like "Hey man. Can I get hollow points in forty cal" or something like that.

2005-07-31 13:30:00 ET

You'd look normal then. And by the way, the celebrate diversity Tshirt I was wearing was this one.

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