Anomalism 6-19.5 Unexpected fathers day gift.
2005-06-19 10:20:19 ET

Yesterday I went to pick up my son Severity from the range where he works. I had a $twenty with me to put toward a gun I had in lay away and while I was doing that my son came up behind me and said howabout you take that home today and then take me to get a PS2 for Mom. I was pleasantly stunned but said "cool" and we did. I now have a Norinco T90 (Tokarov) in 9mm luger. I have wanted one for myself ever since I bought a Polish Tokarov in 7.62x25mm for my wife for Mothers day (I think). It is one of my favorite designs and is based on a John Browning design. It is also my first 9mm which is also the weakest hand gun caliber I own. It shoots very well and will be easy to conceal. I have such cool kids and I am very proud of them both.

2005-06-19 11:38:45 ET

Your kids have some out of sight names

2005-06-19 13:55:40 ET

youlittlewonder: Well Anomalous, like myself, prefers not to use real names on a public internet area.

Anomalous: That's awesome. Severity told me he was going to get me a PSP too which I can't really argue with him.


Happy Father's Day Dad! I haven't been able to acquire what I'm planning on getting for you yet, but it's on the way so hang tight for now.

2005-06-22 08:59:19 ET

oh,hahahah....don't I feel sheepish.

my real name is just as awkward as my handle...Eva

2005-07-10 11:46:51 ET

We Soviets liberated the Browning design from your greedy American capitalist hands!

2005-07-10 16:06:39 ET

You did a right fine job of it too! And marvelous that they are ending up in our greedy capitalist hands in the end.

2005-07-10 17:27:50 ET

I picked up some Czech sub gun 7.62x25mm for my CZ 52 today, the vender said "don't run em through a Tok they'll tear it up". I said "I have a CZ", he said "you'll be fine".

2005-07-11 01:42:16 ET

I heard there's some Chinese surplus 7.62x25 ammunition that's pretty hot too and burns really clean. You don't get a fireball like with some other ammunition.

2005-07-11 17:20:57 ET

I have one box left of some Norinco that is like that. I wish I knew where to get some more. The Bulgarian stuff gives a good fireball, fun to shoot at night.

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