Anomalism 7-10.5 It is a particularly beautiful day
2005-07-10 04:31:42 ET

Perfect temperature, bright and clear sky, everything is green and peaceful. I hear birds, many birds, only a few that I can tell by thier song. I hear cicadas, which tells me high summer has arrived.

In other news, I will shortly be going to a gun show. I need more ammo, and of course the entertainment value is always good. I will be people watching and will report any thing note worthy.

2005-07-10 15:34:11 ET

Gun shows are always fun for people watching. There's a guy sells antigue guns here- walks around in 1880s garb- bowler hat, watch chain and fob- garters on the sleves, big old Navy Colt on his hip, handlebar moustache. Neat guy, teaches history somewhere.

2005-07-10 16:42:45 ET

Unfortunatly today was not to be so for me. Apart from the Ned Flanders looking guy who sells sniper rifles, (who also is a neat guy), the strangest person there was probably me. I decked out in my urban camo shorts and "celebrate diversity" T shirt kept a keen eye out for walking characatures and saw none. No big hats, shiney oversized belt buckles with plaid pants, no posers, nothing but regular people. seemed rather odd.

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