Anomalism 10-22.5 Observations
2005-10-22 05:01:03 ET

Being a lawn mower man I am out side every day. So when the remnants of the last two hurricanes rolled up through OH, I got to experience them tactilly. It was not as uncomfortable as the normal type of rain we get here. It was windy but the air was comparitivly warm. The part that made me curious was the texture of the rain its self. It was like a driving mist which I know sounds kind wierd but thats what it felt like. The droplet size was very small, so that you didn't get the heavy wet slap from every drop that is the norm here. It was so fine that I could barely pick out individual impacts on my face. The normal here is huge cold drops that fall more down than sideways, and they make you shiver when they hit you. I wonder is it the wind velocity or maybe the altitude at which they form?

2005-10-22 05:10:32 ET

I'd go with wind velocity and temperature

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