Anomalism 11-01.5 Do not fail
2005-11-01 16:01:08 ET

Fall color in N E OH is the best I've seen in years. The trees are spectacular. If you live in an area where you get fall color do not fail to get out there and enjoy the wonder of it. We only have a week maybe two before they turn brown and drop, so burn some gas, take a drive in the country and check it out.

2005-11-01 18:53:11 ET

all fall means wild fire in so cal

2005-11-02 14:28:09 ET

But the colors are still good there too.

2005-11-04 14:56:13 ET

the trees in my yard are a riot of color right now. Looking out my front window is way better than tv. :)

2005-11-05 03:36:18 ET

Some of my trees are starting to empty out, it won't last much longer.

2005-11-12 06:45:12 ET

Walked on campus this week
saw the slick blanket of red,orange and yellow maple leaves
beneath the trees

2005-11-12 06:52:49 ET

Around here they are already down, just doesn't last long enough. The upside is that I can now see the whole 300+ feet of cliff across my back yard.

2005-11-12 09:30:51 ET

aww, you make me miss my old home. All the tress and the mild temperature. ho hum :(

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