Anomalism 11-25.5 BURRRR!!!
2005-11-25 04:11:50 ET

Its been snowing for 2 days, maybe 3 and its about 8" deep and its 5 degrees out there. The unfortunate thing is I didn't get my firewood down to the front porch before the snow so now it will be much harder to find it all.
Yesterday we had duck and goose for thanksgiving dinner, with lots of stuffing and potatos. Many days of left overs here. We made 4 pies for 3 people (gives an idea how important dezert is around here). I stayed in the kitchen for most of the cooking and was as useful as a husband usualy is in a kitchen. Today it is bright and clear and beautiful out here and I am thankful for every day I get to live here. I hope every one had a great thanksgiving day as well, (for all of you who celebrate such things)( and even if you don't) be well and be Blessed.

2005-11-25 04:27:02 ET

its cold here, can't say we have much snow yet.

i'm really dreading the riot-like mentallity that comes with this season of consumerism. its such a horrible contrast to the calm of winter.

2005-11-25 07:26:21 ET

man we may be able to see some snow around here in a few weeks... bleh... my bf (the weatherman that he is) gives us the update every few hours "we'll see some snow in one 1/2 to two weeks"

our turkey day was jam packed too! so many left overs i cant wait to eat them!!!!

2005-11-25 07:33:31 ET

The trouble with the snow is we can't work in it. I don't think they are ready to lay me off for the winter yet but they may have to. I could use the break, but not yet.

2005-11-25 07:39:45 ET

You have such a good feeling journal today, I am feeling blessed and I celebrate good feeling holidays, but not yesterday, Canada had thiers in October, I cooked seal lion, ling cod and cariboo that day, lots family around and played games such as the gambling Native bone game. We had soap berries for dessert and pumkin/squash/sweetpotatoe pies. What do you do that you can not work in snow?

2005-11-25 12:00:03 ET

I am a landscaper and we have many fall cleanups yet to do. We do have a lot of equipment maintinance to sort out but no budget left to buy parts.
Sealion cod and cariboo oh my! You folks know how to eat. We have turkey and deer around though I think between the neighbors and the Amish, the deer have been consumed.

2005-11-25 12:45:40 ET

Sounds beautiful :)

2005-11-25 18:37:58 ET

i could go for some large game meats right about now...

2005-12-08 05:31:03 ET

I had goose for last Christmas. It surprised me to learn that there's a real risk of it bursting into flames in the oven from its fat content.

I still have half a tin can of goose-grease!

2005-12-08 05:36:35 ET

I would not have thought that either, combustable waterfowl, now there's a thought.

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