Anomalism 12-05.5 It is Mine!
2005-12-05 12:53:34 ET

I finaly finnished paying for this Mine is a model 29-2 in 44mag but it looks exactly like this one. Ive been paying for it since Aug. I had to sell one of my Mausers and my 357mag to get the last $250 that got it into my hands. Now of course I have to feed it. It is the same gun that Mel Gibson used in "Pay Back" and is pretty much the only wheel gun I'll ever need. I will have to start looking into reloading soon though. Now I have a weapon the same caliber as my age but I'm only a month away from the next caliber.

2005-12-06 07:36:41 ET

Everyone needs at least one wheelgun. Mine is a Colt in .45 Long my grandfather owned.

Besides, with a wheel gun you don't have to hunt brass down when you police it.

2005-12-06 08:28:49 ET

Now thats a gun with some history! I'd like to see it one day. I agree that every one should have weapons and wheel guns have a special place in history and especialy in the US.

2005-12-06 08:39:31 ET

Speeking of weapons and shooting have you done any lately?

2005-12-06 09:02:31 ET

I have a date on the callendar in the next week to take the Minx, a friend and his girl, and a truck load of weapons out to the range. This time I'm remembering to bring earplugs.

2005-12-06 16:34:44 ET

Oh damn that sounds like some fun!

2005-12-06 16:39:41 ET

I've gotten in the habbit of keeping a set in my pocket when I'm home since my son Severity works at a local shooting club. awe get free range time or we can step out into the back yard for pistol practise. My avatar pic is from right behind the kitchen.

2005-12-06 20:05:05 ET

I live too urban to shoot in the yard. Shooting in the yard, and free range time to boot? Man, that's livin.

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