Anomalism 12-08.5 Happy Birthday Doctor Hexagon
2005-12-08 03:23:27 ET

Today is my first born son Doctor Hexagon's birthday. He is 22 today he has not been able to post lately because he is active duty Naval Gunners mate and his ship has been deployed some time ago. I am hugely proud of him as a son and as a US Serviceman. I'm both proud and appreciative of all our Servicemen and women as every one of them has volunteered to serve and defend our country. Every body drop a happy birthday into the coments section of his last post or as a PM so he can see them the next time he logs on.

2005-12-10 22:08:34 ET

Will do. You have every reason to be proud.

2005-12-15 05:50:10 ET

Bless him and all those like him.

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