Anomalism 12-15.5 Yesterday
2005-12-15 03:52:16 ET

Yesterday was My lovely Lady Anomalous's birthday. She is now for a brief time only a year younger than I. We had a nice dinner at a place called the "Brick", and then had DQ Moolataes for desert and came home and watched a Coleman Francis film. It was a good time. I think I will go to a book store today and find something in a genere she likes.

In other news EZ the kerosene cat (the all black one in the activity day pic) has found another way to try to destroy himself. Not as creative this time but he has managed to get a cut on his ear that has abscessed. How many lives can this nit wit have? None of the other cats have these troubles.

In other other news my son Severity finaly got his Romainian Dragonov and I got a Finnish rifle and today we will try to build a scope mount for my Egyptian Hakim it should be interesting.

2005-12-15 05:53:38 ET

That inscription is definitely Polish. The gun could be Romanian, but actually 'Romak' sounds Polish too.

How much does one pay for such a rig ?

2005-12-15 06:53:44 ET

very nice

next on the kreg list:

vector v93 .223 hk33 varient

barrett m82a1

happy birthday to your wife!

2005-12-15 07:23:20 ET

huskarl= He has been saving for some time and waiting even longer for the Ned Flanders fella to finnish it. He paid close to $ 1300 for it. You can buy the basic rifle w/o scope for around $700 if you can find one (most of current production is going to Iraq).

2005-12-15 07:32:39 ET

Blitzkreg= I hope you get them, everyone should have cool weapons.

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