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2006-01-31 13:29:11 ET

I'm sitting here in the office eating some kind of potato wedges and listening to "Super Metroid" music and life is good. The hard wood floor is done, 650 sqf DONE!. And it is beautiful, now I have to do interior trim thruout the house and the inside will be done. Then starts all the out side stuff too numerous to mention. My second day back to work (they brought me back a month and a half early) so I'll have only weekends to do stuff, oh well.
So what do you Canadian SKs think of the recent elections? Were they a good thing?

2006-01-31 13:43:19 ET

Yay! My apartment has hardwood floors, but they're really old.

I think the elections weren't a good thing. The Liberal government screwed a lot up, but I think nothing good can come of the Conservatives either. Steven Harper (the leader of the Conservatives) said on the radio "don't worry, the Liberals will still be around to keep us in check." Now, if you have to SAY that on the radio, then there is something seriously wrong.

The Liberal MLA was elected in our riding, but I'm not sure what that will do. It's going to be interesting, that's for damned sure.

2006-01-31 15:13:02 ET

The election turned out about as well as could be hoped under the circumstances. Liberals duly punished for corruption and for not doing a heck of a lot otherwise, Conservatives limited to a minority so they can't go loopy on us, the Bloc Quebecois not achieving the 50% of the Quebec vote they wanted, and ten more New Democrats elected. While I probably won't be pleased at all when the new cabinet is named (see below the Jack Layton Photoshop contest for the silliest possibilities) I think we'll live.

2006-01-31 15:46:07 ET

Even old hard wood is cool, My upstairs floors are I think Ash and were built in 1875 we refinnished them and they turned out pretty good. Downstairs only the sub floor was left when we bought the place so we had to learn a new thing and put a floor in. It was a lot of work but not as complicated as I thought it would be.
I wonder what sorts of things the conservatives will try to do (reforms and the like)?

2006-02-03 09:07:03 ET

I love em hard woods1 he he he yup I said it, I really really do have hard woods at home all over the place.

Recent Election, As usual we are in big trouble, our new PM is a known racist and has backed certain teachings that are elitist< how ever you spell it, I was an NDP er but I just dont think Jack has it to lead a whole country, Of course Brian from the liberals is a real cry baby, after he did not win he quickly announces he will not be the leader of that party, so easy to run away, so why did he run for PM in the first place. The Conservatives got in, but they are a minority Government, so anything they try to do or change will be strongly scrutinized by the NDP and Liberals, so I guess thats good . Oh yeah and poor poor Quebec province, the province that hates the rest of Canada and considers themselves thier own country has lost seats in parliment, even though Canada believes Quebec is a part of it and that the last referendum to seperate was lost for Quebec, they will and always will do thier own thing, good for them , those crazy french people.<BR>
I like to think I have some sort of determination in our government, but what do I know huh, oh and by the way I am a politician in the native world.I believe I am going to run for a provincial or federal seat one of these years, soon tooo, in the next 10 for sure.

2006-02-03 12:16:43 ET

Would you say that Canada is as polarised between librals and conservatives as the US is between democrats and republicans?

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