Anomalism 02-20.6 burrrrr!
2006-02-20 15:19:21 ET

I,m sitting in my now finnished office room with a small space heater 6" away turned up full. The wood stove is consuming fire wood at a prodigious rate. Fortunately I have found another free source of wood so its all good.
In other news we spent the last two weekends putting in trim in the master bedroom and bath as well as the office. Its nice to have a couple rooms finnished to where we can put the furnature back to the walls and get the rooms DONE! Still a long way from complete doneness, have the hallway 3 more bedrooms and the whole downstairs to do. But it all coming together bit by bit, many adventures yet to come. Everybody stay warm!

2006-02-20 15:29:24 ET


That's great!

It's supposed to snow here tomorrow, but I doubt if it actually NEVER snows.

2006-02-20 21:06:07 ET

if the stove is able try burning some coal as well. burns much hotter and longer =)

2006-02-21 14:18:16 ET

We thought about the coal thing, Severity brought a bucket of it home from work. We ended up burning more wood trying to keep the fire hot enough to burn this particular coal. Also the stove has a glass front which I worry about with a coal fire. Too bad realy, coal is plentyful around here.

2006-02-21 18:56:07 ET

eeesh yeah if you get the right coal and pile it proper it will sustain iteself but with a glass front the heat of a coal fire, well, good thinking.

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