Anomalism 3-18.6 II A political Q
2006-03-18 07:57:20 ET

Just out of curiosity how many of you think that the government listening in on conversations between known terrorist groups abroad and people in this country is a bad thing or not?

If you are not an American and want to coment please feel free, just mention that you are not .

2006-03-18 10:21:24 ET

It's not a bad thing, but it has to be done responsibly. The existing process for this type of surveillance is very generous, I don't see why the administration has such contempt for the process.

Unless of course, a display of contempt was exactly the point.

2006-03-18 10:26:20 ET

I'm about as left-wing hippy as you get, and I'm not an American, but in this case the government does have a responsibily to look out for their people... so long as this is a movement to manitor known terrorist groups, then I don't see too much of a problem with that but the whole monitoring what library books people take out and such things.. thats a little rediculous.

2006-03-18 16:09:37 ET

Whether or not terrorists should be listened in on was never the point. Obeying the law is.

2006-03-19 09:22:10 ET

As I understand it no laws have been broken (apart from in the minds of people who have an agenda) as the activities that have taken place are provided for within the existing law. As I say this is my understanding of the situation.
So Kilted are you saying that the program should be halted? or that an existing law should be modified?

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