Anomalism 3-25.6 Have puter troubles, Need help!
2006-03-25 03:38:55 ET

My newest puter will not start, it gives a DLLs error message. I don't know what DLLs are and have no idea how to fix it. I'm posting via the old mostly junk E tower. We just renewed our Norton a few days ago I wonder if that had anything to do with it? Any help would be much appreciated.

2006-03-25 09:42:54 ET

.dlls are dynamic link libraries. pretty much the core of windows operations. if it's giving you these errors in dos before windows even starts you need to reformat and do a fresh install.

2006-03-26 07:27:27 ET

why would it be doing that? Have I got a worm or something?

2006-03-26 09:30:08 ET

could be a lot of reasons. could be a worm or virus though thats a pretty malicious and unsubtle one. Could be your hard drive itself going to hell for some reason.

it just sort of happens, I've worked consistenly with about 90 computers and I've only seen this 3 or 4 times over the course of 6 years. Every time it happens the solution is to just start fresh.

You can probably still access DOS to backup files OR you can skip the reformat and repair the windows install to backup what you need BUT don't be fooled by the repair working because it probably will break again.

2006-03-31 07:59:30 ET

first..get rid of nortons and replace with AVG from Grisoft..
second.. call Rich at 843-283-3050 tell him you're a friend of Gift and ask him wtf is UP

2006-04-01 13:52:32 ET

What are some ways to prevent it happening again if such can be done?

2006-04-02 08:51:20 ET

buy a decent brand hard drive with good integrity. seagate=win. western digital is ok BUT NOT THE CAVIAR LINE

2006-04-02 15:41:11 ET

We reloaded everything from the recovery discs and then redownloaded the Norton which then did a system scan. While it was scanning the thing suddenly shut down and restarted and said something about device driver conflict. now I am beginning to seriously suspect the Norton.

2006-04-02 17:40:21 ET

could be. maybe you just have gremlins. I'm no good at remote diagnosis =\

2006-04-03 09:01:25 ET

get rid of nortons...
I wasnt joking..

AVG is much better, free upgrades, and works with Microsofts new "Defender" program, which if you dont have, you should.

and Rich is awesome at phone diagnoses

2006-04-06 00:10:56 ET

I'll check into it.

2006-05-14 16:19:20 ET

It did it again so I boxxed it up and sent it to HP to fix. I should get a report on the cause.

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