Anomalism 4-15.6 eccentric bastard
2006-04-15 16:41:17 ET

I walked up to one of my bosses yesterday and said " I am no longer able to adhere my artificial wind generating device to the vertical plane, I am dissquieted!" He said what the fuck? Another supervisor next to him said "he can't hang the new blower on the wall in the trailer" The first boss said "see how much easyer it would have been to say". I said " of course, but it wouldn't be as much fun". He called me an eccentric basterd. I called him a powerpuff gerble. He said "watch out I don't jump up your butt". I said "you're gonna need a ladder".

2006-04-15 19:57:11 ET

no longer able
suggests that perpendicular bonding had once been posible

2006-04-15 21:02:51 ET


2006-04-16 03:05:14 ET

It had been with my previous artificial wind generating device of slightly different physical characteristics.

2006-04-16 04:27:55 ET

might it be due to a shift in the measurrring system?

2006-04-16 04:28:10 ET

might it be due to a shift in the measuring system?

2006-04-16 08:04:49 ET

The old orange and white artificial wind generating device was replaced with a new and improved orange and white artificial wind generating device who's designers had not considered the vertical plane adhering implement currently installed. Or perhaps they were simply attempting to force us to accept a whole new series of products and accessaries.

2006-04-19 07:49:06 ET


you rawk!

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