Anomalism 9-11.6 What do you think?
2006-09-11 18:31:40 ET

Who has seen "the road to 9-11"? and what do you think about it? My house does not get tv, so I cannot watch.

2006-09-17 04:50:34 ET

If it's what I'm thinking of I've heard that it's geared toward implicating that president bush is in some way at fault for the incident.

Maybe that something else I've been told about.

2006-09-20 06:19:04 ET

I heard there was some flap about it and didn't care enough to watch. Network tv is fucking awful anyhow.

2006-09-23 05:47:21 ET

True that...

2006-09-23 08:26:39 ET

It has been many years since I watched network tv and I truly have not missed it.

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