Anomalism 10-21.6 bullistic and other news
2006-10-21 19:45:19 ET

I have been neglectful of late and have not posted in some time. I'm still workng 60+ hrs a week and trying to keep up with my chores around the homested. We've painted about 80% of the outside of the house and now have gutters for the first time. I'm starting to stockpile wood for heat which means splitting time(oh joy). I don't have a log splitter so we just start swinging at the stuff with axes, which is very exhausting and sometimes commical.
On the bullistic front I have had several good outtings recently. The fist was when our former paster and his wife who is best friend to my wife came out for a day of hiking and shooting. They brought thier guns and I brought out a stack of guns and we had a great time. It was very cool whatching a 40+ woman who weighs maybe a hundred lbs wet pick up a 44magnum and have at it.
The other event was a couple of weeks ago when my brother Guido came up with one of his daughters whom we call the viking. And again it was very cool taking them hiking through the park and doing some rock climbing and cave crawling . After that we did some weapons familiarizing and introduced my bro to the Ak47 with lazer sight, there was much rejoycing.
Also in gun / new toy news, I recently acquired one of these It is russian high powered bullistic goodness. The version I have is the bottom one and we have the scope mount for it so that means another sniper gun for the volitile country loners oh yes!

2006-10-22 17:05:47 ET

*yells a general w00t! at anom*


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