Anomalism 12-08.6 Done for the season/year.
2006-12-08 04:02:32 ET

My calender says today is the 8th. I was thinking that it was yesterday, that happens to me when I don't have my company cell phone in my hand. But I don't because monday was my last day for this year. I work out side til it starts snowing then we are done with fall cleanups.
But today is the actual birthday of Dr Hexagon and it is still snowing. I live in the secondary snow belt, well south of the lake effect snow and it has been snowing lightly all week.
The layoff is not unwelcome since I was called in a month and a half early in the spring and have been working 60+ hr weeks all year. I'm kinda tired and in need of a break. This is the time of the year when I get to persue my hobbies more intensly and yet I have the least available funding to do so. Oh well! But I will have more opportunity to post here and to annoy people.
I've decided to add a section to my bio for "Interesting Words" that I find I will likely need two colums, one for real words and one for made up words, Feel free to contribute.

2006-12-08 05:43:01 ET

I'm pulling 60 hour weeks myself. It does wear on you after a few months. While snow is absent here- it is 15 degrees and high humidity, which is punishing when you stand in it for a while.

Congratulations on making it to your slack season.

2006-12-13 17:58:01 ET

Everyone really needs a vacation, at least, of sorts from time to time. I shall be planning mine not long from now during which my intention is to spend much quality time with the folks.

2006-12-25 18:17:58 ET

*does happy time off dance*

Enjoy, Sir!

2006-12-26 03:26:36 ET

Thanks everyone!

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