Anomalism 12-21.6 Wally checkout.
2006-12-21 17:49:25 ET

I went with Severity to Wallyworld to get some last minute gifts. I do SOoooo like the idea of giving a battery powered ray gun complete with sirens and lights to some one elses 4 yr old, the annoyance by proxy factor is very appealing. We did end up at the express checkout with a box of cookies and a box of rat poison, and then a few minutes later we were back at the same checkout with a blender oh the possibilities are endless.

2006-12-21 17:53:52 ET

you can get anything at wallyworld!

2006-12-21 21:17:36 ET

I once gave a 3 year old a pull toy that made endless popping sounds- no batteries required. I was roundly cursed for a whole year.

2006-12-21 21:20:34 ET

i hope you dont switch the two

2006-12-22 03:17:05 ET

Kilted= Excellent work! I once taught twin 3 yr olds how to hum raspberries, whence they proceded to fill the appartment with the sound of the Jetsons flying car (for the rest of the day). They were cursing me by the time I left an hour later.
epsilon= The rat poison is for the mystery chewing sound coming from the attic and Severity has a weakness for the cookies. The blender is for my wife who likes to make this drink for breakfeast involving soy powder a banna and green alge powder which she refers to as pond scum.

2006-12-22 05:32:16 ET


I've become adept at quickly disabling noise making toys while leaving them intact and giving no signs of damage =p

2006-12-22 08:20:33 ET


Someone gave my sister a thing once where all you had to do was twirl it and two plastic balls hit a hard plastic drum-like thing. They were also cursed for a whole year...then the dog chewed it up and we celebrated.

ughhhh, rats.

We've always had multiple cats, and for the first time EVER there was a mouse in the house a couple of weeks ago. It was trapped, and I never had to see it (or I would have promptly moved out...). Sooo, I figured it was just a very smart mouse or something to evade the cats...until I came downstairs YESTERDAY morning to find a dead one on the ground. Apparently one of the cats (not Smudgy, he doesn't know how) caught it. My grandma always said that the smell of the cats kept the mice what is this??

2006-12-23 13:36:49 ET

I do that with my niece; I buy her all those annoying kiddie instruments just to bug my sister (in a nice way, of course!)

The best prevention I've heard is to tell kids that "The batteries have to go to sleep now because they're tired". Which is up there with telling kids that when the ice cream van makes music it means there's no ice cream left.

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