Anomalism2-02.7 learning to play
2007-02-02 18:04:19 ET

My son Sevrity talked me into learning how to play Gears of War. This was my first time using Xbox or any other hand held controller. I mean I'm used to grand sratagy games, this real time stuff is hard. The first thing that messed me up, no wait, after he slowly walked me through the controls and we're doing this cooperative mode thing. And it has a split screen so thats dissorienting as hell. All the characters look the same to me so I just shoot at everything, you know trees, sky, my team. Then we stat a game and I,m still trying to get controll. And then the damn controller starts vibrating in my hand and scared the shit out of me. My guy keeps looking at the sky and walking sideways and the blood always seems to be coming out of my characters head, and ARGG! Oh man I'm dead again, can you come over here and revive my guy again? And he's like wait while I kill the other 48 of em. Is there an easier difficulty level? no. Did I kill any of em that time? Uh no. I think my guy's a fucktard he won't duck! No thats the green button you're trying to pick up ammo.
So after a half hour of this My head hurts and the nausia is creeping up and I have to quit, but it was fun, sorta.

2007-02-03 17:53:52 ET


Welcome to the new millenium! You'll get used to it. :)

2007-02-05 09:35:20 ET

May take some getting used to. Just remember the side of the claymore mine that says "FRONT TOWARD ENEMY" is the side you point at the bad guys.

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