Anomalism 12-16.7 Happy Birthday a couple days ago.
2007-12-16 04:49:03 ET

While my lady Anomalous was at work on the 14th, I went out and got a small ice cream cake from DQ (6") and 45 birthday candles. It was frozen so hard that I had to put the little candles through a pencil sharpener so I could stick em in it. So I got that done and hid it in the freeze in garage. Later she comes home and Severity and I wish her happy birthday. She goes upstairs to get out of her work clothes and into her house clothes and I sneak it into the kitchen. My delema at this point is how to light 45 candles on an ice cream cake. So I went back out in the garage and got a suitable device and was walking through the door with when she walks down the steps and sees me with a propane torch and a lighter and gives me a suspicious look and asks, "what are you doing?". "Lighting candles, wanna watch?". I had wanted to have it lit when she came down but then the process is half the fun right? I did get them all lit without melting the cake or setting the house on fire. And as I expected the tiny cake with 45 candles gave the appearence of being all a blaze (gave off a lot of light too). She did get all the candles out with one breath and then wanted me to sing happy birthday the auditory damage potential I thought was greater than the threat of setting the house on fire. It was a good time.

2007-12-16 09:12:40 ET

Hahaha, that's great!

2007-12-16 18:43:42 ET

I wished her a happy birthday on my user page here, technically on the 13th there. Did anybody see it?

2007-12-16 19:35:00 ET

I did!

2007-12-16 19:39:10 ET

Haha! I know you did. I meant did anybody at home see it.

2007-12-16 19:48:17 ET

I know ;) hahaha

2007-12-17 00:59:11 ET

Yes we sure did!

2007-12-22 22:12:03 ET

awww! That's sweet. You guys have way too much fun together. :)

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