Anomalism 03-07.8 could use a little global warming.
2008-03-07 17:14:34 ET

Had 10" of snow a week ago. Some of that melted, then an ice storm. Ice everywhere power lines down, power out for 2 days. Came back on yesterday late, now a blizzard that is supposed to last into Sunday, yay. Power out in winter is bad for most but since we heat with wood we did not need to leave the house and deal with pipes freezing as some did. Lots of broken tree bits to cut up for the fire. More than doubled my firewood reserve right out of my front yard. I was in the living room just after dark the second day when I heard a big crack and then a bigger crash. The tree is big enough that the branch that broke off is 2' thick. It missed the house and landed in between all three of the young locust trees we planted in the front yard and did no damage at all. The Elm on the other side of the house was not so generous and dropped a branch into the sidewall of one of Severity's tires. We got through it all without too much trouble as we have "power out supplies". We are a long way from being survivalists, but I can say it is impressive what a modicum of preparedness can do for you. Still it is no substitute for being blessed and we are very much that.

2008-03-08 07:46:54 ET

Glad to hear you missed out on major damage.

It's basically spring here in Roanoke and I'm thinking about planting my garden. :) We had some high winds but lucked out on damage.

I'm thinking about converting my heat to wood burning. What kind of fireplace/stove do you use? Do you cut your own wood?

2008-03-08 09:07:52 ET

It is a very plain steel stand alone unit that my parents got for the house in Cinci some 30 yrs ago. They used it for many yrs as a suppliment to the oil furnace untill the county put a gas line in on thier road. Then it became easy to not use it anymore and it went out into the barn. When we realized the cost (shock!!) of propane heating up here I went down and dug it out (A snowmobile just went roaring down the middle of my road) and brought it up here. It is a type that exausts through a plate that covers up the existing fireplace and sits on the hearth in front of it. Not very stylish but it produces alot of heat and we can heat water for tea or even cook on top of it if need be as was the other day.

2008-03-08 09:54:13 ET

Oh and yes I do cut my own wood and split it by hand. Most of it from my own backyard this year. I scavenge some from work during the season when I can.

2008-03-08 19:55:39 ET

Sounds like fun.
When I return from duty, I would like to nominate myself as head of the Disaster Survival and Prevention department.

I have connections, money, and training on how to operate and utilize the said department. I'll forward you my resume.

2008-03-09 02:22:00 ET

Very good! Resume accepted.
By the way one of the large branches that came down in the ice storm was from the top of the tree that you tie your repelling line from. I don't know the species but I would very much not want that tree to decline. It is (for the rest of you) a magnificent 50' specimen growing right out of the sheer cliff face.

2008-03-09 03:00:03 ET

Stopped snowing finally, 20"the most I have ever seen here. Severity and I will take the backpack blower out and try to clean off the firewood on the porch. I should take some pics.

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