Anomalism 5-25.09 Memorial day
2009-05-25 07:24:38 ET

Why is it that the dirtiest part of all the floors in the house is always the steps? If cat hair tumbleweeds were currency, I would be quite wealthy.
I spent the afternoon yesterday loading some bullets for this thing in anticipation of some friends comming over today for a visit. We do this several times a year, they bring thier guns and we make a lot of noise and try not to get the cops called on us (again). It has become uncertain if this will happen today because my wife's best friend has grounded her husband for being a snark. ( A curious concept to my thinking) And thus she may be comming over by her self, or not at all. I guess if they don't I'll get the tile cutter out and work on the backsplash for the remodeled bathroom down stairs, or clean the gutters. Needless to say I'm hoping for the bullistic goodness and fellowship thing.

2009-05-25 08:10:58 ET

i imagine cleaning the gutters will prove to be ions more fun than some shooting get together with the boys. sheesh, c'mon now!

i don't understand the concept of grounding spouses. then again, i have yet to be married. perhaps twenty years from now i'll be a huge fan of it.

2009-05-26 05:44:14 ET

That's a really cool handgun. Modding weapons has always seemed interesting to me.

2009-05-26 18:21:51 ET

As it turned out they both arrived and we all had a very excellent time. So dissapointed as I am I'll have to clean the gutters another time.
The Grizzly belongs to my younger son Severity who has developed a passion for hand canons , He also has one of these . Both are unique and rare and happen to be my favorites among hand canonry, and I think that is another reason he gets them. So he can wave them in front of me just cuz I have to pay for the house and don't have the dissposable income he has.

2009-05-27 07:50:02 ET

I'd want the Mateba Grifone. 18" barrel??? It's a dirty harry weapon. Though sadly, I don't think people will be firing that beast one handed like he was.

2009-05-27 15:04:07 ET

Oh but you can easily! I have a Dirty Harry 44 (Smith 29) and the Mateba is actualy softer to shoot. We do it all the time. The Grizzly however is brutal. Type in Mateba at youtube and you can watch people shooting them.

2009-05-27 15:09:33 ET

Take the shoulder stock and put it in the bend of your elbow and you can shoot a 12 guage, an AK or an M1A one handed. course we usualy have a few beers before we start that stuff, cuz its kinda silly.

2009-05-28 09:21:28 ET

haha. excellent

2010-01-07 18:12:07 ET

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