Anomalism 02-25-10 Tails of a dead deer
2010-02-25 18:33:29 ET

About a month ago during one of the many snow storms we've had this winter, a deer was struck by a vehicle during the night in front of the property. I was about 80' N. of the drive way for a few days till a snow plow knocked or dragged it 50' south toward the drive. Then another plow knocked it up into the yard where it has become the most active dead deer I have ever observed. It has emerged from the snow and moved about the yard half a dozen times. Always at night and often surrounded by canine footprints. The prints seem too large to be coyote, one morning about 3 weeks ago they were deer prints. The past two or three days it has recieved much attention from a pair of large Red Shouldered hawks. It seems quite popular with the local scavenger set.

2010-02-25 18:46:46 ET

nom nom nom

2010-02-25 20:47:55 ET


2010-02-26 17:02:20 ET

I know we have fox and coyote, I don't think we have wolf. Bobcats are supposed to be making a come back in OH but I've seen no evidence localy, so could be.

2010-03-17 03:22:18 ET

It is noticably smaller now and the snow has melted, but it is still moving about at night. Recent movment has been taking toward the tree line. The hawks have stopped visiting it.

2010-03-28 14:17:48 ET

It was down to a head and 2 front feet early last week but appears to have wandered off completely now.

2010-04-02 13:21:42 ET

it must have gone zombie rogue...

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