Anomalism 04-02-10 Ultraman!!!!
2010-04-02 06:35:44 ET

The day before yesterday a package arrived with some of my most favorite Japanese films including my alltime fav series from when I was a kid. "Ultraman!" All 39 episodes in Japanese w subtitles, plus "H-Man"," Battle In Outer Space" and "Mothra" all in Japanese. I am sooo going to o d on Japanese scifi, though I still have to get "Dogora", "Gazora" and "Godzilla" in Japanese. I don't speak Japanese, I just prefere all my foreign films in their origonal language.

2010-04-02 10:29:40 ET

That's great. I agree on the native language. You get a better feel for the dialect and what was intended through the speech.

2010-04-02 11:51:13 ET


2010-07-06 10:33:28 ET

except when they have crappy subtitles... like most bollywood films. luckily my mother speaks enough languages to figure out when they've mistranslated or haven't translated the entire dialogue completely.

fun times! i hope you haven't ODed on the films!

2010-07-06 15:33:18 ET

Oh no, though I will admit it has been slow going on the ultra man. I was in the 3rd grade when I watched them the first time and there have been a couple monsters i don't remember. Just as with my Zatoichi and my Kurasawa films, I take them in measured doses.

2010-07-06 15:35:18 ET

My wife likes bollywood films, I have a hard time getting all the way through them.

2010-07-08 16:37:55 ET

my dad likes to give his own translations as my mom & i watch the crucial moments in the film

2010-07-09 14:12:45 ET

That's gota be fun.

2010-07-12 16:41:20 ET

fun for him to say the least :P

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