2004-11-10 00:44:44 ET

So much for my day of not wanting to do anything, now I can't do anything! Sunday night around 3am, I woke up with just a little bit fever and felt bad, so I called in sick around 7am.
As the day went by, I just got worse, my fever kept rising, even after I took pills to make it go down! Around that time, I started to feel like I had been hit by a truck, and longed for my bed back at my parents house.. Warm house, someone to take care of me when I'm as ill as this..

Anyway, when Tuesday came, I still had a fever and my throat felt like someone had raped it with a burning, spiked stick. So I went to the doctor, she made me take all kinds of pills and gave me sickleave(?) (what the h*** is the english word for when the doctor says you are to sick to work, and gives you a paper to give to your boss, so the boss still gives you money for the days you are gone from work?!)'till November 17th. I have (Hm, I see now that my vocabulary has evolved from reading fantasy and sci-fi, and those books doesn't include medical terms or workrelated words:)) well, an inflammation in the throat wich have to be treated with antibiotics(not so sure about the spelling here). Whee, a friend on IRC says "Tonsillitis" is the word I'm looking for :) So now you know, I'm ill, feel like a trainwreck :]
Gotta admit though, that I'm already feeling a little better, I think the penicilin is starting to kick in, I have changed my bedlinnen, done some laundry.. and now I'm going to shove som yoghurt down my throat.

Have a nice day, all.

2004-11-10 01:56:18 ET

noooooooo not tonsillitus! i had my tonsils out in august and it still hurts. i really pray you get better soon, it sounds like you are. just rest, maybe take some vitamins too. lots of liquids. and i think it is called sick leave, ha!

2004-11-10 03:52:14 ET

Thanks, my biggest problem now is that "by dose is totally clogged up" :)
I hope to God I never have to have my tonsils out.. sounds horribly painfull.

2004-11-11 08:39:33 ET

hehe, you supposedly get a bowl of icecream after you have them yanked out. Or atleast when you're a kid, dunno when you're grown up :-D

2004-11-11 14:00:48 ET

nice picture you painted there.. "yanked out" Christ, no sleep for me tonight :D

2004-11-11 22:25:42 ET

ha that IS funny. the other day leave it to beaver was on and beaver had a sore throat and his friend richard came to visit him and freaked the beav out by saying he was gonna have to have them "yanked" out. then wally set him straight and told him if he has them removed he will get all sorts of presents, visitors and get to eat lots of ice cream. then he wanted to have them out. needless to say the doc came back and said he could keep them. beaver got all upset cause he wanted them out. i don't even know if youve ever seen leave it to beaver?

2004-11-12 02:40:35 ET

No, where does it air ? (In what country and wich channel)
Sounds rather like something I would enjoy watching ;)

2004-11-12 17:14:22 ET

it's an old sitcom from the 50's? 60's. leave it to beaver. it airs on nick at night. it's a wholesome funny old show.

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