I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish..
2004-11-13 06:45:22 ET

The dog who's picture I have on my page, is a dog who can't stay with his family anymore, due to some jobrelated problems (They are moving and/or working to much) and I sooo want to be his new owner. I visited a webpage about animals that need new homes and fell like a rock for this beautiful Golden Retriver.
The family is going to call me tomorrow, and then I will know if there is a chance for me or not.
Two things I forsee as possible problems:
1. The dog and his family lives very far from me, and I don't have a car to come get him myself. They will have to bring him here. (More than a days ride, I think)
2. I can't take him 'till after christmas, 'cause I'm going away. Maybe they need to give him away sooner..

*crosses fingers and toes*
Please pray that he will be mine, I so fell in love with the pictures of him..

*sigh* :)

2004-11-13 07:29:06 ET

good luck with getting the dog *crosses fingers*

2004-11-13 07:32:00 ET

Thank you, sweetheart :)

2004-11-13 07:35:13 ET

no problem. it's awesome that you want to give that dog a good home. ^^

2004-11-13 07:37:50 ET

I just think it is so sweet of you to even think of my wish for this dog in your time of distress, how are you holding up ?

2004-11-13 07:44:25 ET

eh...i'm better (in the sense that i'm not sitting on the pitty pot anymore). i am still hurting though....we would've been celebrating our two year anniversary in January...

2004-11-13 07:45:57 ET

ouch, that sucks..

2004-11-13 07:53:41 ET

i know. T__T i still feel like a jerk but i do feel like it had to be done...i need to get my life right and the relationship wasn't really working out.

2004-11-13 21:39:13 ET

doG! DOGGGGGGGG!!!!!!i hope he's yours :D!(he does too)

2004-11-14 09:23:10 ET

It looks like things might go my way!
The owner just called me, and we talked for half an hour, Faico sounds amazing! My heart beats SO fast right now, they can help me bring him here, they can keep him 'till I get home over christmas, they will give me all the things they have for him..
My God, I might actually get a dog in two months time! I have wanted one for my whole life!
pheeew, try to keep cool here, Murphys law, remember Murphys law..

2004-11-14 11:26:04 ET

YAY!!! ^________^

2004-11-14 11:52:41 ET

I knoooooow :))))

2004-11-14 12:30:48 ET

all the good luck wishes and finger crosses worked! ^^

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