2004-11-17 05:10:52 ET

Godamnit, I have been shuffeling snow for about an hour and a half and it keeps snowing like ..well..LOTS!
You can hardly see the houses across the street, too much snow in the air.
I have decided that when I get a boyfriend/man/whatever, I will make him a deal in winter; If he shuffles snow, I will do all the house-chores. I will cook, clean, wash clothes, do the dishes, give him massages when he comes in from shuffeling snow, everything!
Any good men out there wanna come live with me ? :D

Jeez, I'm tired, body acing and trembling from the workout :)

2004-11-17 05:31:32 ET

Sure. Let's move to Russia together!

2004-11-17 05:32:38 ET

hihi, Yeah, as long as you shuffle snow for me ;)

2004-11-17 05:38:07 ET

that's Shovel snow. shovel = spade.

this winter I am going to try shoveling snow with two horses.

2004-11-17 05:41:32 ET

Thanks, not always uo to date with my vocabulary, grateful for all inputs to making it better! :)
There's no room for two horses in front of my apartement, so I guess you have a lot more land around where you live than I do.
Where do you live ?

2004-11-17 06:01:46 ET


2004-11-17 06:06:28 ET

oh, wow!

2004-11-17 06:21:49 ET

I am employed at this place over winter and next year. 2006 I have not promised to anybody yet.

Have you ever heard of biodynamic farming or a philosopher named Rudolf Steiner ?

2004-11-17 06:28:11 ET

The name rings a bell, not quite sure why.. I may have heard about him during my education, can you say something more about him ? About his philosphy, don't think I have heard about him in connection to farming.

2004-11-17 06:37:29 ET

He was an Austrian that lived and wrote around the turn of the 20th century, and he's known for something called Waldorf education.

I'm not terribly into him, but some of his writings are influential on the people that own this farm.

Actually my favorite dead Austrian is Karl Popper.

2004-11-17 07:00:42 ET

Yup, think it's the same guy I heard about in my education, we have some private schools and kindergardens that are based on his system. Didn't know he had views about farming too, I learn everyday I live :)
Popper, didn't he have something in common with someone called Kuhn (or something like that ?)
I had an introduction-course to the university (took some classes there, before I found out what I wanted to be) and it deals with alot of philosophers.

2004-11-17 09:43:53 ET

I'll come shovel your snow, and I'll even help with the rest of the chores too! If you have an accent, I'll marry you! :-P

2004-11-17 09:45:12 ET

hehehe, of course I have an accent, I'm norwegian ;)

2004-11-17 10:09:02 ET

Will you marry me?

2004-11-17 11:49:08 ET

If you promise to shovel snow for me, I have juste been outside again. It has snowed about 15 cm since last time I was out..
Yes, yes, I will marry you :D

2004-11-17 12:11:33 ET

Sweet, I'll come shovel right meow! Haha. Well actually... Where are you located, and do I need a boat to get there?

2004-11-17 13:36:57 ET

I live in the very north of Norway, in a city called Hammerfest. You will need to come here by plane.
Look at this link, I can only assume you know where Norway is, and just point and click on the map. At the "top" of Norway, closest to the ice, is where I live ;)
If this got too complicated, next time were online at the same time, I will guide you :)
Now I'm off to bed, waaay too late already, I'm going to work tomorrow.. The time is now 00:36AM here :)

2004-11-17 14:09:16 ET

Hmmm thats a long trip I'll have to think about it :P

2004-11-17 21:16:26 ET

I thought you might want to do that ;))

2004-11-17 22:22:27 ET

Haha if I had the money I'd come visit!

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