2004-11-20 20:01:00 ET

Your like an angel. You pocess love and bring love
to any thing or person. You love being
yourself. Even though your cute or not. I think
your just awesome. Like you are peace:)

What Type Of Girl Are You???(Amazing Pics)
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Cute :-)

2004-11-20 20:09:27 ET

ok, let's see here.................

Your mysterious..... Like you have a secret but,
everyone has secrets that they don't want
anyone to know. So don't be ashamed if you
think you weird but, your not. It's cool being
mysterious like you might have cool

What Type Of Girl Are You???(Amazing Pics)
brought to you by Quizilla


2004-11-20 20:20:26 ET

Tihi, I like that one too :)
And now I'm off to bed again, had to get up because my cough was so bad..
Now I'm high on cough-sirup and will probably sleep 'till early afternoon!

2004-11-21 06:22:59 ET

Although I am not a girl I took it :-D I got the same result as innerbeauty :-)

Athyra: stop smoking and your cough will be better ;-)

2004-11-21 07:00:35 ET

Nightshade: I have resently been ill, remember ? I'm not entirely well yet, and look who's talking ? You smoke, you ass :D
"Let he who is without sin, throw the first stone." ;)

2004-11-21 09:44:49 ET

Bah, I almost never smoke anymore. Just when I go out to party :-)

2004-11-21 09:52:34 ET

Wow, good for you :)

2004-11-21 12:39:50 ET

...Holy crap, that person has the worst grammar I have ever seen. ^^'''' ....But then again, I can't talk, given that I can't SPELL. ...So.

2004-11-21 21:08:37 ET

Neko: I know, had to wrap my mind around the sentences a couple of times before I even understood what it said :D

2004-11-22 07:55:08 ET

The pictures ARE awesome though...

2004-11-22 10:48:26 ET

mm, they are beautiful :)

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