Late night passing-time-activities!
2004-12-03 14:12:36 ET

haha, I feel like an idiot :D
I bought a girlie magasine today called "hair and makeup" and they had this step-by-step to make sexy-sooty eyes which I really like.
So I thought I'd try it.
The thing is, since I'm not going anywhere tonight, other than to bed(it's 1AM here) I only did one eye!
When I use my bangs to cover the left eye, it looks so hot, but when the left eye peeks out of the hair, I look like a clown :D
I can't wait 'till me and my friends are going out, so I can put on my wolf-lences and putting on this hot makeup on *both* eyes!
I guess I can wear regular lences as well, makes my eyes dark and mysteriuos (have really dark blue eyes), but the wolf-lences makes my eyes very intense. Hm, guess I have to try out this makeup on both eyes, with both type of lences, to see what I like best :) (yeyy, another thing to try out on a late, boring night!)
Ah, off to bed, good night everybody :)

2004-12-03 14:41:04 ET

:) That sounds like something I would do...

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