2004-12-09 06:40:51 ET

Yeeeyyy, I went to the hairdresser today and cut my hair really short and funky and dyed it purple, looks good :)
*doing a little happy dance* God, it feels great to have had a haircut, haven't cut it in three months, and I have thick hair.. looked like a mop :)

On the down side, my inflammated shoulder is acting up, so my shoulders and neck ace alot.. Got a prescription today from my doctor, try to keep it from getting worse 'till January, when I can get psysichal terapy for it.
AAAnd I need to have a serious talk with one of my assistants.. Can't say I look forward to that.. I'm new at this job, she's older than me and she's got a temper :]
I just have to be a bit humble and understanding, I guess..
Unless she gets totally out of line. *don't wanna do thiiiiiis*
Ouch, shoulder hurts, better go relax my arms a little.
Maybe dinner would be a good idea too :)

2004-12-09 07:03:30 ET

I cut my hair fairly short too, the other day.

Rest that shoulder!!

You can handle the assistant. ;)

2004-12-09 08:28:32 ET

Thanks for the vote of confidence, you're a sweetie :))

2004-12-10 04:33:56 ET

pretty! pix?

2004-12-10 05:58:06 ET

I don't have a camera.. but it's on my wishlist for christmas =)
(doubt that I will get it, though, already know what the "big" gift from my parents will be)
But I can dream 'till christmaseve is over ;)

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