2004-12-14 05:59:21 ET

I got a really nice letter from the people who owns Faico today, and it is confirmed: I'm his new owner!!
God, I'm deliriously happy right now :))
They are going to bring him to me sometime after christmas, wether it is before new years eve or early january, I don't know, but he's coming :))
I have wanted a dog since I was like 2 years old, and finally I'm getting one, he's a gift from above. Can't believe how lucky I am, and the funniest thing is that he is a golden retriver, the kind of dog my great-grandmother had when I was little, my favourite :)
There is a picture of him on my page, isn't he goooorgeus ?

*happily hugging all that sees this*

2004-12-14 06:33:20 ET

congrads! dogs are awesome and im sure youll give him a great home.

2004-12-14 07:06:30 ET

That's a perfect first dog. Those dogs are great.
also, pictures!! :-D

2004-12-14 07:30:14 ET

I have just talked to my parents, my dad actually cried, he was so happy for me :)))
My dad said I could borrow their camera when I come back here after christmas, so then I'll have a digital camera and will be able to post lots of pictures ;)
hihi, he's so sweet, he said that he and mom had to have a picture of Faico, since they are becoming "grandparents" :D

2004-12-14 16:32:02 ET

rock on! :-D

2004-12-15 12:01:27 ET

youre quite lucky! hes a beautiful dog and im sure you will make each other happy!

2004-12-15 12:19:10 ET

thanks, tairyn :))

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