Two pretty pictures (if I can get it in my posting)
2005-01-06 12:42:58 ET

Aaaand this is my last night alone! My sweet, beautiful doggie comes tomorrow evening! God, I'm so exited :))
Gotta figure out this picturething soon, I want to be able to share my pictures of him with you when he gets here :))

(damn, didn't get the pictures here, anybody who can help are welcome too make suggestions!)

2005-01-06 12:44:36 ET

check my journal, I posted it there for you

2005-01-06 12:49:42 ET

not sure if i can do the pic thing ...

I knew I had seen your background art before ... took me a minute. I have a bunch of her stuff in some cross-stitch patterns. I'm currently working on about four of her patterns.

2005-01-06 12:59:25 ET

yea... uhm... where tis the picture at...
it's a pretty simple code...

<.img src="http://webaddress"><./img>

(just delete the periods and you're good to go)

2005-01-06 13:01:13 ET

AAAAAARRGGHHH! *swears like a drunken sailor*
I was just about to try this, and I think I understood Megan's intructions, then I find out the pictures are to damn big!! (and I don't have photoshop yet, have to get my brother to .zip the program and send it to me, like SOON!)
buhuhuuu, ah, well, I have an url you can view them at, a fair warning is that the webpage is norwegian ;)
The following two url's are for the snow pictures, but feel free to view my other pictures as well, lot's of nice pictures there :)


The other pictures you can view in albums at:

(and the gallery itself is in english, I just noticed, but some of the pictures have text and that is in norwegian. When you look at the album called "romjulen -04" <--this means the days between christmas and newyearseve, the first picture are of my father and brother and picture nr 7 is of me and my mom :) (yes, we look alot alike! :D)

2005-01-06 13:06:41 ET

(just guessing sizes)

2005-01-06 13:07:42 ET

I can't see anything there, just a frame with a red cross in the upper left corner ?

2005-01-06 13:08:37 ET

sorry fixed it :-)

2005-01-06 13:09:26 ET

oooh, how the hell did you do that ?! you resized them or something ? :)

2005-01-06 13:27:32 ET

go to register with them, then upload your pics, they make it SO easy for you... I had the hardest time before I discovered that site
I'm anxious to see the pics!

2005-01-06 13:29:23 ET

Check out the links in one of the replies here, one of mine :)
And the snowpictures Apollyon posted here, are mine, from home :)

2005-01-06 13:34:27 ET

are those pictures of near where you live? --> VERY envious.. it's so pretty over there

2005-01-06 14:06:32 ET

yay! pretty!!

2005-01-06 14:08:46 ET

pretty pictures =)

2005-01-06 14:15:14 ET

they are beautiful :-)

2005-01-06 19:15:16 ET

viesekt: the pictures apollyon put here is taken from the window of the (uhm, ground flor, first flor..) second flor of my parents house, further south of here, some 2100km away.. and yes, it is pretty there :)
When summer comes, I will take pictures from the seame windows, not so pretty but lots of green :D well, ok, pretty then too :)

(I feel there is something wrong with my spelling of the flor-thingys, feel free to correct me, I don't mind! :) )

2005-01-06 20:00:58 ET

i think around here they're called balconies or somethin' along that line

2005-01-07 05:21:30 ET

no, it's not a balcony, we have verandas, but I wasn't on one of them :)

2005-01-07 13:28:00 ET

uhm... well i don't know anyother names for it... haha... but tis cool :-)

2005-01-08 00:44:17 ET

I think I explained myself wrong, I don't mean anything outside the house, I think I mispelled "flor", you know, ground flor, first flor, second flor ?
And now I don't remember if it's british or america that ground flor-thing. In norway we count from one and up, not that groundflor-thingy :)

2005-01-08 00:52:45 ET

i think in america it's floor... of course then again... i'm not the right person to ask on country 'stuff'... cause i don't pay too much attention :-\

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