2005-01-07 07:27:15 ET

My beautiful, beautiful dog will be here in less than one hour!
Wooo, I'm so exited that my stomach is doing chart-wheels!
*grins like a fool* Gotta go smoke some cigarettes, maybe that'll calm my nerves. (Fat chance, but it makes me feel good none the less!) :))
I'll post more tomorrow, showing you pictures and stuff ;)

2005-01-07 08:12:21 ET


2005-01-07 08:45:04 ET

puppy? oo!

oh i took your quiz!

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2005-01-07 12:07:15 ET

He's so goddamn adorable :)) And he's not a puppy, he's 7 years old, but he's got the energy and vitality of a puppy, though ;)

pixi: nice coctail :)

2005-01-08 07:31:44 ET

Did you get a new dog? That's so cool... it's one of my unfulfilled childhood wishes. I think when I'm done with school I'll get one too and take it with me on my travels around the world.

Be sure to post pics!!

2005-01-10 04:52:48 ET

bobbi- what kind of dog are you considering for this trip around the world? also, read a book called "Travels with charlie"

2005-01-11 05:27:13 ET

I was thinking about that, I don't know. I hope there are kinds that don't mind not having a fixed home. Bum's and hobo's dogs usually do seem happy. I checked around on the web but I only find stuff about stuff like vaccines and how to transport pets and shit. Do you know anything about it?

2005-01-11 05:30:20 ET

A dog will be happy wherever YOU are as long as you give it love and food

2005-01-13 16:13:06 ET

I was asleep, so I probably missed the count down... but I still want to see pics!

2005-01-14 12:22:14 ET


2005-01-15 00:07:06 ET

you followed my link and saw him ? :))

2005-01-15 03:47:45 ET

no.... where is the link?

2005-01-15 12:17:35 ET


then click on the picture of the dog, and on the dog again :)

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