2005-01-16 06:18:09 ET

I managed to resize some pictures of my baby, and now you can see him in the gallery on this page :)
hihi, right now he's laying on the floor behind me, I have to be careful not to roll on him with my chair ;)
We just went outside for a walk, spent a mindboggling ten minutes outside! It's blowing like hell outside, almost storm in strenght, and the snow is blowing all over the place, impossible to see a single thing!

My mum comes to visit us tomorrow, I hope the wind has calmed down 'till then, or else she's gonna have one hell of a bumpy ride..if the planes manages to get down at all! *crosses fingers*

I have to say a big phat "THANK YOU" to Nightshade for advicing me to join SK, I enjoy spending time here :)

How about we set a date and a time to join a mIRC-channel to chat live sometime ? :)

Love from Athyra

2005-01-16 06:20:52 ET

i have to be careful to not to roll over the cat all the time when i'm sitting in the chair.


2005-01-16 06:25:20 ET

hehehe, yeah! :D
Cats are notorious for getting in the way, when ever I'm visiting friends that own cats, it seems to me that I'm forever tripping over them :D

2005-01-16 06:26:59 ET

I always trip over the cats in our house. They seem to like being underfoot. Constantly.

But they're nice lovable kitties.

2005-01-16 09:31:32 ET

I always have to watch that I don't roll over kittens, cats, or dogs when I'm at the computer too.

The kittens have also decided that they like to lie on my feet, and this makes it rather difficult to walk...

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