Maroon 5
2005-01-24 04:22:57 ET

I really like their song "She will be loved" and the video and the lead singer= HOT!

Just needed to get that off my chest.

2005-01-24 04:34:28 ET

I've yet to see it.. :-(

2005-01-24 05:48:07 ET

that is a good song, isn't it?

2005-01-24 05:50:04 ET

VieSekt: aah, you should, it's great :)
talulah: yes, it is :)

2005-01-24 08:00:12 ET

I LOVE that song!!! Have you seen their Sunday Morning video?!?!?! He's even HOTTER, and a has really good range for singing too. Everytime I hear something new from Maroon 5, it just gets better and better :)

2005-01-24 08:03:10 ET

Nooo, I have just seen two videos, 'she will be loved' and THE song: 'this love' ! I love dancing to that song :)

2005-01-24 10:51:10 ET

oh my god -- download (if you can) Sunday Morning -- you will fall in love all over again!!!

Yeah, This Love is my driving down the road with my bestest friend in the world song -- you know, crank the system REAL loud and do the "she said goodbye too many times be fo-or-or-or-or... oh oh ohh... oooh ohh ohh OHH!! oh oh ohhh oooh oh ooh oh!... Ill fix these broken things..." yeah, gotta love that part :)

2005-01-24 11:27:41 ET

yeah! :D
I see now that I have the son Sunday morning, will listen to it later, I'm talking to my dad on Skype right now :)

2005-01-24 11:34:23 ET

yay! It will be stuck in your head. But a GOOD kind of stuck in your head.

Merhaba benden babana söyle.

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