And here we go again:
2005-01-29 00:26:22 ET

1. Reply with your name and I will write something about you.
2. I will then tell what song[s] remind me of you.
3. Next, I will tell you who you remind me of, celebrity/animated or otherwise.
4. Last, i will try to name a single word that best describes you.
5. Put this in your journal.

2005-01-29 04:55:46 ET

ooh!! Eli

2005-01-29 04:56:09 ET

(i wanna see how well this works before i put it in my journal :P)

2005-01-29 06:57:45 ET

1. Your name sounds jewish, it's beautiful and it suits you :)
2. Kiss - Prince
3. On you avatar picture, you remind me of Dawe Stewart, the male part of Eurythmics :)
4. Selfknowledge

Hope I didn't let you down, honey ;)

2005-01-29 09:05:13 ET


2005-01-29 10:14:55 ET


2005-01-29 11:25:47 ET

1. Your name is short and sweet, very american :)
2. You make me wanna LALA - Because I saw you had that as an title on a posting once, and I can picture you like that, passionate and crazy for something or someone, having to ventilate!
3. I know you remind me of someone, but I can for the life of me remember who, I'll let you know when it comes to me!
4. Talented

2005-01-29 11:30:43 ET

1. You name is so soft, very pleasant to both say and hear.
2. Beautiful - Christina Aguilera
3. Hillary Swank, I don't know why, I think it's something over the eyes :)
4. Fighter

2005-01-29 14:35:15 ET

damn... now I am scared to post this because there is no way I'd do a good job./.. lol
if you want, Ill give it a try. :-P
thanks though, that was fun :-D

2005-01-29 20:10:18 ET

Wow, how flattering.

2005-01-29 20:37:25 ET

:) why thank you

2005-01-30 00:12:25 ET

Mel: I'm not sure if you meant that or not, but I meant no offence :) But then again, I think you know that.

2005-01-30 01:33:25 ET

SIMON!... do me do me ... im hot!

2005-01-30 02:32:58 ET

1. Flirtatious, on top of the world, sexy name
2. Something of U2, don't quite know why :)
3. Al Capone (your avatar is kind of mafioso :D)
4. Seeking

2005-01-30 02:35:20 ET

seeking drugs... or my sanity... im not quite sure

2005-01-30 14:26:46 ET

Probably both.

&No, Im not offended, at all.
Who do I remind you of?

2005-01-30 14:52:55 ET

I haven't figured it out yet, I think of you when I see Ashley Simpsons on tv, though :)

2005-01-30 21:01:43 ET

Haha. w0000rd.

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