2005-01-30 13:42:07 ET

wow, I mean wow.
This guy I know just fessed up to me that he finds me sexy, and we had a steaming hot conversation just now..it managed to be that hot without cybersex.. I'm blown away. I had no fucking idea!
If someone had told me, just two hours ago, that I would have this kind of conversation with him, I would have laughed my ass off!
It just leaves me dumbfounded every time someone tells me they like me, in a way like that.
I mean, I have a lot of friends, so I know I must be a nice person, that people like to hang with and talk to, but in a sexual way ? noooo, never crosses my mind.
So, I'm speachless. Too bad he lives so far away from me.
If he were in the neigbourhood, I wouldn't be on my computer writing this right now, I think ;)

2005-01-30 13:58:27 ET


Now, if we can just find someone for me........


2005-01-30 14:53:35 ET

You are adorable :) *hugs back*

2005-01-30 19:58:46 ET

seriously........................we need to find me someone!!

2005-01-31 11:15:51 ET

life is strange sometimes :) Internet love rocks!

2005-01-31 11:42:07 ET

Love ? Try lust ;)

2005-01-31 20:56:09 ET

Athyra, you twat :-) When you lived here in Trondheim there were like a chain of guys that thought you were sexy, and you know it ;-)
Though kindness, honesty and the ability to care for people like you do is something that outshines any form of sexy anywhere. Special, and rare :-)

2005-01-31 23:59:10 ET

bah, I know they liked my cleavage, that doesn't mean they found the rest of me sexy, and YOU are the TWAT for telling me that I'm a twat, and you are so, so, so sweet for saying those nice things about me! =) *big hug*

And don't be afraid to name names, who found me sexy ? :D
come oooon, I need a "pick me up", I won't tell anyone ;D

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