More fun with LOTR ;)
2005-02-01 11:16:08 ET

Watch this one first, there's a story:

Then this:

aaahahahha *LMAO*

2005-02-01 12:33:23 ET

It's sad...I want to look at vidios because we have high-speed internet at work. But I can't look at vidios for fear that there may be something inappropriate on them. We're also not allowed to download anything...but I'm not sure if that's always an issue for loading up a vid.

Ah well. ^^

2005-02-01 21:36:29 ET

it's not an video, it's more of an animated gif, or moree to the point, still-pictures, that changes. And there is no porn in them, if you were worried about that :)

2005-02-02 07:13:45 ET


2005-02-02 09:14:07 ET

I know :D

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