Stolen from Subsonik!
2005-02-23 06:58:19 ET

do you...
1. Smoke? yes.
2. If yes, what? cigarettes.
3. Do drugs?(anything harder than weed if that was one of your answers). nope
3. Drive? yes
4. If yes, what kind of car? I don't own a car :/
5. Sleep with stuffed animals? not anymore.
6. Have a crush? nnyeesss, sort of.
6. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? no.
7. Have a dream that keeps coming back? No, I don't think so.
8. If yes, what is it? -Blank-
9. Play an instrument? I used to play the clarinette and bass-clarinette.
10. Believe there is life on other planets? How could it not be ?
11. Believe in alien abduction? Not so sure about that one.
12. Believe the Roswell story? no.
13. Believe in any conspiracies? Possibly.
14. If so, which ones? Large, medicine companies keeping the cure for cancer and AIDS back, so they can make more money.
15. Remember your first love? Aaah, yes, vividly :)
16. Still love him/her? I sometimes think about him and want to know what he's doing now, what he looks like :)
17. Read the newspaper? webpapers!
18. Read any news magazines or political journals? eh, no.
19. Have any gay or lesbian friends? Yes.
20. Believe in miracles? yes.
21. Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? I believe so, but it takes a conscious effort to do so.
22. Consider yourself tolerant of others? Very much so :)
23. Consider police a friend or foe? friend.
24. Ever been arrested? Never.
25. If yes, what for? -Blank-
26. Like the taste of alcohol? yes.
27. Have a favorite Stooge? no.
28. Believe in Astrology? Not so much..but I consider myself a typical Leo :]
29. Believe in magic? Depends on wht kind.
30. Believe in God? yes.
31. Pray? yes.
32. Go to church? no.
33. Have any secrets? hehe, yes.
34. Did you do well in school? yes.
35. Go to or plan to go acting school? no, but I think it would have been fun.
36. Have sex right now? no :(
37. How many partners in your lifetime? No comment!
38. Wear hats? no, only when it is very cold outside, woolen hats my mom knitted :)
39. Have a horny spot? yessss.
40. Have a best friend? Yes, several actually. But only one soulmate.
41. Like your handwriting? sort of.
42. Have a traditional or Roth IRA? Huh ?
43. Have any bad habits? Oh yeah.
44. If yes, what are they? I can never get to bed early enough, I smoke, I swear..
45. Care about looks? Not in others, no.
46. Believe in Satan? Only the darkness and evil within man himself.
47. Believe in ghosts? sort of.
48. Believe in Santa? no :]
49. Believe in the Easter Bunny? hehe, no :)
50. Believe in the Tooth Fairy? Nope :D
51. Own Backstreet Boys CD's? NO!
52. Trust others easily? to a certain point.
53. Like sarcasm? yeah :)
54. Take walks in the rain? If I have the right clothes on me, yes :)
55. Think the Mariners should try hard to re-sign Brett Boone? huh ?
56. Kiss with your eyes closed? it depends, but mostly yes.
57. Sing in the shower? rarely.
58. Own handcuffs? no, but soft ropes :]
59. Have dialup or DSL? DSL or cable, I got very unsure about witch right now..
60. Have a question that is really sticking in your craw, but are too embarrassed to ask about because you're afraid you'll look like an ass?
I don't think so.

2005-02-23 12:35:25 ET

did you notice my slick stealingness?

2005-02-23 19:13:08 ET

Mhmmm, but it was so subtle and cutely done, that I couldn't get mad ;) You can steal anything of mine, honey!

2005-02-23 19:14:08 ET

why thank you

*takes your dog*


2005-02-23 19:15:41 ET

*catnaps Smudgy in return*

2005-02-24 08:53:29 ET


*sends you a ransom note for your baby*


*catnaps Smudgy back*

2005-02-24 10:26:40 ET

haHA! You can't 'cause I have him locked inside my safe, wich only I know the code to!
So you have to give me my baby back, then you will have your smudgy back, safely ;)

2005-02-24 10:30:47 ET

I'll just steal the safe, strap it to my back, and flee the country.

Once I return to Canada, I'll find a safe cracker, and get my baby out.

2005-02-24 11:11:07 ET

tihi, while you were flying to Norway, I was flying to Canada and stole my doggie back! So now everything is as it should be ;)

2005-02-24 11:13:18 ET



2005-02-24 22:29:30 ET

I totally agree with you in number 14!!!!!!!!!

2005-02-27 03:45:10 ET bende yaptım! (And I did it too!)

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