Funny cartoon for onlineplayers :D
2005-02-28 09:05:26 ET

haha, oki, so I don't play computer games, online or not, but I'm not clueless and this was funny :D

2005-02-28 09:10:45 ET

LOL I am a rehabilitaded "Clichequest" player and this is HILARIOUS

2005-02-28 10:41:31 ET

I loved it :D

2005-02-28 10:49:55 ET

yes! it's just like that!

2005-02-28 12:34:45 ET

...That absolutely WILL NOT load for me.~_~

2005-02-28 12:47:23 ET


2005-02-28 13:13:26 ET

Demonix: for sure ? :D

Neko: oooh, too bad :/

Inn: glad you liked it ;)

2005-03-01 01:33:20 ET

heheheheh played everquest for 10 mins and was over it

2005-03-02 03:52:59 ET

shadow- 2 damn years LOL
me and my brother had some.... interesting... experiences when we were first starting out so it really hooked us.

2005-03-02 04:14:20 ET

7 months at the start AND in an uberguild that later became AfterLife

Fear my catassery! :)

Hey sub, why aren't you playing WoW? Whisperwind server, look up kylara.

2005-03-02 04:34:15 ET

because WOW is the same damn grind of a game that EQ2 is.


hmmm considering the next game I'm waiting for is STALKER maybe I will check out WoW. do they provide a free month?

holy shit you were in AfterLife? thats on the list of uber guilds for sure. They're known on every server as the first to get to PoTime LOL

2005-03-02 05:05:54 ET

Actually, I was in the guild that became afterlife...afterlife was a merger between two guilds on that server (long time ago, sorry)

Also, thott himself escorted me through highhold pass a couple weeks after EQ opened :)

And WoW isn't really a grind...I made max level after 2 can log in and play for an hour or two and feel like you accomplished something. Try saying that for EQ 2. WoW is very casual and solo friendly. EVERY class can solo successfully to some degree or another. And they have a free month, yes.

Remember Whisperwind and Kylara. I can probably get you into my guild too...we're the largest horde guild on the server. rawr!

PS: you would have to make a horde character for us to play together.

2005-03-02 05:07:12 ET

so that would be the orcs right?

well, how many characters per server per account?

and yes, in eq2 you can hop in and hunt for an hour or do a quick run around quest for some bling bling.

2005-03-02 05:27:27 ET

horde = orcs/trolls/tauren/undead

And you can hop in at any levelfor that amount of time...and there is no shared xp debt.

2005-03-02 05:33:27 ET

*sigh* yeah the shared debt is asstastic. one person overburns and you can't taunt off and then they die so you lose your DPS and some other people start getting hurt and the healer runs like a nub (cause I've met maybe 5 people that aren't nubs) then everyone gets pissed and you're left alone to recover your shard and try to find a new group and get back your lost exp.

2005-03-02 12:51:47 ET

heh i play wow aswell.... and i also played everquest 2.... WoW>EQ2 trust me. It is a good leveling rate on wow as aposed to takeing 4 years to max lvl in eq.... WoW also has better graphics and has the most friendly interface and structure i have ever seen in an mmorpg.
Server: Perenolde (few other sk ppz play on this server too)
Name : Mtshadow

2005-03-02 15:09:22 ET

hehehe, i play every once in a while

2005-03-02 22:16:29 ET


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