2005-03-04 03:27:47 ET

2005-03-04 03:45:16 ET


you ate my blood!!!!

2005-03-04 03:55:32 ET

thanks, sweetie =)
How are you feeling, btw ? I read that you were sick and the cat schratched your *shudder* eyeball.. ?

2005-03-04 04:00:46 ET

yeah the cat scratched my eyeball. =( it's all red and icky looking. other than that, i'm doing allright. =)

how are you doing ?

2005-03-04 04:02:17 ET

Better and better, the flu is almost gone now :))
(I still hate shoveling snow, with a passion, though..)

2005-03-04 04:20:48 ET

ick ... i would hate shoveling snow too. flu = no fun!

2005-03-04 04:21:29 ET

blah I have to pass this on don't I?

2005-03-04 04:31:38 ET

I have no idea ?

2005-03-15 15:01:47 ET

oh wow. that was too much to read and think and.. um... yeah.. i'll just stick with being a vampire and no rules..

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